Successful start to Auction Week at Dorotheum

guenther_uecker Carla Accardi Hans Hartung
Günther Uecker € 491,000 copyright dorotheum € 295,800 (world record price)  copyright dorotheum Hans Hartung € 259,200 copyright dorotheum
During the Post-War and Contemporary Art auction at Dorotheum on 27 November, 2018, a world record price of 295,800 Euro was achieved for Carla Accardi’s important painting Integrazione Ovale (1958).
There was great interest in artworks by Italian and German post-war Avantgarde artists. Bidding for works by Uecker and Hartung climbed particularly high. "Field", one of Günther Uecker’s relief-like nail pictures, was sold for 491,000 Euro. Hans Hartung’s Tachistic painting from 1963 reached 247,000 Euro, while his 1989 work rose to 259,200 Euro – both prices exceeded expectations.
The Blasse Hockende by Maria Lassnig (€ 216,784) and works by Alfons Schilling (€ 75,000) and Arnulf Rainer (€ 45,000) achieved top prices among the Austrian artworks.
The upcoming program for this major Auction Week at Dorotheum includes Modern Art and a second Contemporary Art auction, as well as jewellery and watches.

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