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Seoul Auction, Korea’s leading art auction house, will hold an auction at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on May 31, 2015, coinciding with a special exhibition held by Seoul Auction’s new brand “Print Bakery” to celebrate its Hong Kong launch. The exhibition features a collection of limited edition prints of works by world-renowned artists. These pigment prints are produced in very small numbers, making them more valuable and highly collectable. Print Bakery introduces works by different artists every month. The name “Print Bakery” was chosen to convey that collecting artworks can be as pleasant and affordable as choosing and buying your daily loaf of bread at a bakery. In its effort to expand its business to art markets throughout Asia, Seoul Auction plans to introduce Print Bakery to Hong Kong, the heart of Asia’s economy and culture, and engage in various projects with business partners in various nations.


This launch show, which features original works as well as prints, presents a variety of artworks by not only leading Korean artists, such as Kim WhanKi and Chang UcChin, but young up-and-coming artists who have been receiving growing recognition in the Korean art market. In line with the brand concept of Print Bakery, the artworks and prints will be available for sale at affordable prices. All works can also be viewed on the Print Bakery website: and enquiries may be addressed to Seoul Auction.


Exhibition Dates: May 30 (Saturday) – 31 (Sunday), 10:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Mezzanine Level Contact: HyoJeong Kim (, Tel: +822 2075 4347)


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