2Happy Times, 幸福時光, 89x126cm,2015, Oil on Canvas


Exhibition Date and Time 22 March20 April 2017 (11AM-7PM)
Exhibition Venue ARTONE

M/F Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong KongONE

Enquiry Tel number : ( +852) 2858 8555
Email :


Global-leading Chinese contemporary art investment consultancy Art Futures Group and Art Futures Gallery jointly present THE MISTY WORLD, debut Hong Kong solo exhibition of acclaimed contemporary Chinese artist Lv Shun. Based on a motif of misty ambience, a collection of works bring out issues in contradictory circumstances of people building homes and destroying themselves, while engaging in over-indulgence with ample wealth. With compelling connotations, Lv Shun's creations can definitely trigger philosophical contemplation. From 22 March 2017 to 20 April 2017, exhibition of THE MISTY WORLD by Lv Shun will be hosted at Art Futures Gallery, ArtOne, Wanchai. Lv Shun’s creations are much sought after around the world for their exceptionally lucrative potential. His arrival in Hong Kong will bring phenomenal vigor and contemplative deliberation to the art world.

Lv Shun is passionate about using his language in caring for society. Through artistic creation from a critical perspective as a means of appraising reality, he thinks the role of an artist involves having a sense of social responsibility, and concern for community and civilization.

He holds deep belief in benevolence, which translates into melancholic touches of decency and purity, shrouding the audience in an air of mystery. Going forward in terms of contemporary art, and as a serious and responsible artist, according to Lv Shun: "Individual worth and expectation cannot be detached from substantial spiritual fulfillment. Driving trends by means of wealth and power is futile in the search of well-being. The predominant driving force of consumption, fashion and mass culture behind contemporary art will bring trivialization and banality. Riding on such cultural wave, artists face challenges of not gliding with the flow, but rather, bracing themselves for going against the current.”

"Right now, the economy is rapidly developing, but I feel pitfalls are around us everywhere. Particularly, there is a consistent sense of danger and probable apocalypse in a metropolitan city such as Beijing, like stepping on some shaky ground unlike the bygone days. In my creation (The Disappeared City), a gigantic city is shrouded in rusty greyish mist, with skyscrapers standing in a midst of morbidness, and cars crushed to a state worse than total loss on expansive flyovers, in contrast to huge mystical circular objects in the foreground. Lying among such ruins are precautions of death and oblivion. Engaging in over-indulgence, I am apprehensive about while people are building their homes, they are also destroying themselves."

Art Futures Group CEO Jeremy Kasler says: "In recent years, Lv Shun is one of the Chinese contemporary artists with immense potential. Among his record-breaking auction results, Happy Times was auctioned off for a record-breaking RMB1,035,000 (about HK$1,240,000) in 2011. I earnestly await the arrival of this exhibition and believe it will be warmly welcomed by investors."

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