Ink Asia 2017 

The Premier Showcase for Contemporary Ink Art

 Qu Leilei (b.1951)  Compassion  Will Clift (b. 1978)  Three Curving Back Over Each Other  Hsu Yung Chin (b. 1951)  From the Tao Te Ching

Qu Leilei (b.1951)



Ink on paper

H. 107 cm x W. 190 cm

3812 Gallery, Hong Kong

Will Clift (b. 1978)

Three Curving Back Over Each Other


Black walnut

63.5 x 63.5 x 5 cm

Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong Kong

Hsu Yung Chin (b. 1951)

From the Tao Te Ching


Acrylic on canvas

H. 135 x W. 68 cm x 5

Yesart Gallery, Taipei


The third edition of Ink Asia returns to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 5B, from
15 to 17 December 2017, with a private preview and vernissage on 14th December 2017. Ink Asia is
the world’s first art fair dedicated to contemporary ink and continues its mission of creating a
professional platform to appreciate and discuss the future developments of ink art.

An International Platform

Ink is the quintessential language of the East. Today, due to the diversity of visions, identities and
regions, ink has the capacity to be reinterpreted in many exciting ways. Since its establishment in 2015,
Ink Asia has promoted mutual understanding of ink in Asia, as well as cultural exchange between East
and West. The aim of Ink Asia is to create a unique international platform for ink art, which has
achieved the transition to modernity. A vast array of works in “ink” and “non‐ink” media are being
created, both influenced by traditional ink, but following different artistic paths.
The third edition of Ink Asia is committed to showing the public that the spirit of ink is by no means
limited to the use of ink and traditional rice paper. The fair offers a variety of perspectives for
appreciating ink art, allowing collectors, critics, scholars, the media and art lovers to appreciate the
boundless possibilities of contemporary ink art with an open mind.

Dynamic Line‐up of Exhibitors

Ink Asia 2017 will host 50 leading local and international exhibitors, and showcase some 1,000 diverse
works of ink art, including painting, calligraphy, photography, prints, sculpture, video and installations.
Highlight exhibitors include Ink Studio, Amy Li Gallery and Triumph Gallery from Beijing; Hanart TZ
Gallery, Grotto Fine Art and D3E Art from Hong Kong; Da Xiang Art Space and Loftyart Gallery from
Taiwan. New exhibitors this year include Artify Gallery from Hong Kong; Chini Gallery, Red Gold Fine
Art, Gallery Sun and Yesart Gallery from Taiwan.

Preview of Highlights

Thematic Exhibitions

While displaying cutting edge ink art, Ink Asia 2017 will also further strengthen the depth and breadth
of academic discussion and interaction between galleries and collectors. In this year’s fair, Ink Asia
will work side by side with contemporary art visionaries to present a wide range of exhibitions.

Exploring the language of abstract art – Ink Studio (Beijing) will showcase works by well‐known artists
such as Li Jin, Zheng Chongbin, Yang Chichang and Tai Xiangzhou, which show how the artistic language of ink runs through Chinese cultural life, and how artists can use the medium of ink to reflect individual perspectives on social issues.

Meanwhile, famous ink art curator Mr Jia Fang Zhou, together with Autumn Water Space (Shanghai)
and Chen Yin Fo Ji Art Centre (Shanghai) host a special exhibition featuring works by ink artists
revolving around their exploration of the themes “Starting Tradition”, “Intervene in Contemporary”,
“Transformation of Medium” and “The Final Destination of the Ego”. A total of 13 artists will
participate, including Li Huasheng, Liang Quan, Wang Jieyin, Zhang Yu and Sang Huoyao.

Exploring new media and art forms – Loftyart Gallery (Taiwan) will host a solo exhibition for Chinese
artist Xue Song. The artist has created a site‐specific series of ink art collage works specially for Ink
Asia 2017, using new media such as burnt ash. In addition, the show will feature his “Feng Zikai poetic
landscapes” and calligraphic works, to open a dialogue and explore the possibilities of ink art.

Ink+: The Concept, Interaction, Performance, Installation and Technology of Contemporary Ink

In order to encourage innovation in the field of ink art, last year Ink Asia introduced the Ink+ project,
inviting Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese artists to exhibit unconventional ink‐inspired works. These
artists successfully expressed the spirit of ink using non‐traditional media to create stimulating yet
literary works of contemporary art, including works in video, new media, installation, ceramics and
sculpture. The exhibition was immensely popular and so this year Ink Asia will again launch an Ink+
project titled “The Worlds”. Curated by Eric Leung, participating artists include Chu Tat Shing, Fung
Ming Chip, Ding Shiwei, Gan Haoyu, Chloe Ho, Hong Ko, Leung Kui Ting, Li Shengling, Vincent Mak,
Cindy Ng, Qiu Anxiong, Tang Bohua, Wu Chi Tsung and Xu Chenyu.

Special Exhibition — A Tribute to Liu Kuo‐sung

In honour of Liu Kuo‐sung, the father of modern ink painting, and his significant contributions to
contemporary Chinese art, The Ink Society Hong Kong will present a special exhibition “A Tribute to
Liu Kuo‐sung” at Ink Asia 2017. The works on display are generously loaned by collectors from around the world. The exhibition will include important works from different periods in Liu Kuo‐sung’s career, in order to demonstrate his new vision and far‐reaching influence in the development of art in China. Liu Kuo‐sung also played an instrumental role as an educator, inspiring and mentoring the next
generation of artists. Accordingly, the exhibition will include works by two of his students, Kwok Hon‐
Sum (1949‐2004) and Lee Chun‐yi (b. 1965) both well respected artists.

Academic Programme at Ink Asia 2017

For the third consecutive year, The Ink Society is the Education Partner of Ink Asia 2017, inviting
well‐known international scholars, artists and gallery directors to host a series of academic seminars.
Keynote speakers include Dr Stephen Little, Florence and Harry Sloan Curator of Chinese
Art;department head of Chinese and Korean Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and Dr
Eugene Wang, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art, Harvard University.

The programme will feature debates on important issues such as the development of ink, collecting,
market trends and cultural heritage, as well as conversations about ink art between people from
different sectors and backgrounds. Meanwhile, the organisers of Ink Asia will also host further lectures
with renowned ink experts and artists.

Academic Programme - Dialogues on Ink

“Water + Ink: The Asian Vision of the Transformation of Modern and Contemporary Ink Art”

Kuart Center (Beijing) is again cooperating with Ink Asia 2017 to launch a themed exhibition and a
catalogue entitled “Water + Ink: The Asian Vision of the Transformation of Modern and Contemporary
Ink Art”. This catalogue will be published at the end of 2017, and is a fusion of Ink Asia’s international
vision and cultural diversity, with Kuart Center’s many years of development and experience in the
field of ink painting. Renowned critics, gallerists, curators and artists from China, Japan, Korea, Hong
Kong and Taiwan have been invited to contribute and explore the cultural journey of ink art. Charting
and discussing the evolution of ink from the point of view of different countries, leads to new topics
for discussion, opening wider perspectives on ink culture and its interpretation.

Monumental Contemporary Ink Art Installations

In the past two years, Ink Asia has provided venue spaces for selected galleries to showcase largescale
ink and installation projects that have attracted large numbers of media reporters and visitors.
Ink Asia 2017 will continue to showcase specially curated large contemporary ink art projects. Hanart
TZ Gallery (Hong Kong) presents the 9‐panel calligraphic work “Entangled” by Wang Dongling; Ink
Creativity Association (Hong Kong) exhibits Wong Hau Kwei’s “Cascading Galaxy”; Grotto Fine Art
(Hong Kong) presents “My Tiresome at the Bottom of Valley XV – Ensuring the Best Influence for Her
Son Mencius” by Chui Pui‐chee; while Yesart Gallery (Taipei) will display a selection of large‐scale ink
paintings by Hsu Yung Chin.

Calvin Hui, Director of Ink Asia, said, “Galleries, artists and collectors are happy to gather at Ink Asia
2017, because it provides an engaging professional platform for those with a common idea and
aspiration to promote ink art, and explore the future possibilities of ink.”

Dates & Times

Press Preview  14 December 2017 (Thursday)  2:00pm – 4:00pm
VIP Preview (by invitation only)  14 December 2017 (Thursday)  4:00pm – 9:00pm
Vernissage (by invitation only)  14 December 2017 (Thursday)  6:00pm – 9:00pm
Open to the Public 15 & 16 December 2017 (Friday & Saturday) 11:00am – 7:00pm
17 December 2017 (Sunday) 11:00am – 6:00pm

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