Inaugural edition of INK ASIA debuting in Hong Kong this December

The World’s first international art fair specializing in ink

ink art hong kong

Ink Asia 2015, a brand new fair dedicated to the supreme art of Chinese ink painting, will be held from
18 to 20 December 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, with a private preview and vernissage on Thursday, 17 December 2015. Ink Asia 2015 will present exquisite ink works in a variety of media, as well as a series of academic lectures and a research programme.

Calvin Hui has been appointed Director of Ink Asia 2015 (see Appendix I – Director profile). His aim is to enable artists, institutions, experts, collectors and art lovers to gain a better understanding of various subjects and approaches in appreciating and collecting ink works. He said, “Ink art is a crucial part of the language of Oriental art. With the rapid economic growth of Asia, especially China, there is an increasing demand for the recognition of our cultural identity and autonomy. I believe that modern and contemporary ink art will be at the forefront of the art market of China and Asia in the future.”

Ink Asia 2015 cares about local art development and strives for international standards. Therefore, we encourage both local and international galleries, organisations and artists to participate and endeavour to get wide support in Asia, to promote the core values of Oriental culture, and at the same time, to emphasise the importance of ink art to the global art market.” he continued.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee to Ink Asia 2015 includes members recognised as pioneers and innovators in their respective professions.

Christopher Moore

- Publisher and co-founder of Randian, the Chinese online art magazine

Paulo Pong

- Art collector and founder of Duddell's, Hong Kong 

Qin Chong

- One of China's most intriguing conceptual artists

Henrietta Tsui

- Founder and Co-President of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, owner of Galerie Ora-Ora

Wang Huangsheng

- Director, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing

Wong Shun-kit

- Director of the Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, Curator of the exhibition “Shan-Shui Society – The Imagery of the Future” at the 56th Venice Art Biennale (2015)

Dr Xia Kejun

- Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), studied in France and Germany, acclaimed art critic and curator

By focusing on the future development of contemporary ink art, Ink Asia 2015 not only pays attention to the heritage of local ink treasures, but also wonders how to put cross-regional, cross-cultural globalisation into practice, and how to introduce ink into our daily life? In this hi-tech generation, art appreciation and collection are taking place in an all-round way, anytime and anywhere. Art lovers may access any works of art with all sorts of media, so for the development of ink art, this is crucial to talk to the world.

"Ink Asia 2015 will be a platform for ‘dialogue’, it allows everyone to explore the links between traditional and new ideas. Hong Kong is an international market, with different views on the form, quality and value of ink; we can therefore present a diversity of ink artists from around the world to collectors, and allow the participating artists to get to know and comprehend how visitors from different backgrounds interpret their art presentations. I hope to see a market serving its functions, in addition, to let everyone to look at themselves through different perspectives, to explore the limitless possibilities of contemporary ink art." said Calvin Hui.

Participating Galleries and Institutions

Hong Kong is the established hub of art business in Asia. One of the world’s most dynamic art markets, it is easily accessible to collectors and dealers from throughout Asia and around the world. Ink Asia 2015 will host over 40 leading international galleries and academic institutions from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and other regions, showcasing works in a variety of media related to ink art, from traditional through to contemporary. These include paintings, photography, prints, porcelains, video and installations.

Among Hong Kong galleries, Hanart TZ Gallery will present a solo exhibition of Shen Aiqi; while Alisan Fine Arts presents works by Wang Tiande, Gu Gan, Yang Jiechang, Fung Ming Chip, Luo Qi and French artist Fabienne Verdier. Galerie Du Monde will display a solo exhibition by Liu Kuo-Sung (see below). Meanwhile, Grotto Fine Art presents innovative ink works by Hong Kong artists Hung Fai, Wong Yeeki, Zaffer Chan and Eunice Cheung. 3812 Gallery will exhibit paintings by Wang Huangsheng, Wei Qingji and Lin Guocheng; Art Experience Gallery will present works from Tenme Kwan and Wong Chak Hung; while Yan Gallery will exhibit paintings from Lavinia Yu, Zeng Jianyong and Chen Lianqing; and Lucie Chang Fine Arts showcases A Hai and Yang Kai.

Pékin Fine Arts, Beijing and Hong Kong, will exhibit works by Mao Lizi and Huang Zhiyang; other Mainland Chinese galleries include No.55 Art Space, Huafu Art Space, Beautiful Asset Art Project, Taihe Art Space and Peng Bao Xuan. Also participating are Da Xiang Art Space, Lofty Art Gallery, Ming Shan Art, Capital Art Center, Ping Art and Piao Piao Gallery from Taiwan; and renowned London dealer MD Flacks will present works by Tai Xiangzhou, Ding Qiao, Yang Hongwei, Jungjin Lee, Zeng Xiaojun and Qian Dajing.

Highlights of Ink Asia 2015

A major highlight of Ink Asia 2015 will be a Solo Exhibition of the master Liu Kuo-Sung (b. 1932), presented by Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong. Often known as the “Father of Modern Ink”, since the 1950s Liu Kuo-Sung has been a true pioneer of modern Chinese ink painting. In his career as both a painter and a teacher, Liu has broken away from the old formulas of Chinese painting, implementing new ideas and techniques without abandoning the core of his classical heritage. His use of ink, vibrant application of colour and experimentation of composition make his work powerful and mesmerizing. A student of both traditional ink painting and Western expressionist oil painting, Liu Kuo-Sung’s work is one of the most significant contributions to new ink painting, and has influenced the next generation of painters. The exhibition will span an astonishing 60 years of his artistic career, from paintings inspired by the moon landing of 1969 to works completed this year.

Complementing the above will be a Modern Ink Painting Exhibition by Liu Kuo-Sung’s Students, presented by Capital Art Center, Taiwan.

Another highlight will be a Charity Exhibition by renowned Hong Kong artist Chu Hing Wah, curated by Chang Tsong-Zung, director of Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong. Proceeds of sales will support the eye charity Orbis’ worldwide dedication to saving sight. The exhibition will feature more than 20 new paintings created by Chu Hing Wah in the past two years, as well as some earlier works.

The Ink Society Hong Kong and Academic Programme

An important institution collaborating with Ink Asia 2015 is The Ink Society Hong Kong. The Ink Society, which has made a significant contribution to promoting ink art, will co-host a special exhibition and academic forum with Ink Asia 2015, fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of ink art and building an archive of its historical development.

The Ink Society is delighted and proud to be the educational partner of the exciting new art fair, Ink Asia 2015. We will be presenting talks and panel discussions which will provide a critical context for the work on display at Ink Asia 2015. Through these activities, we hope to engage fair visitors, as well as provide a platform for discourse on the ever-evolving ink art form.” David Pong, Vice Chairman of The Ink Society

The Academic Programme of Ink Asia 2015 includes seminars given by leading contemporary Chinese ink artist, Mr. Liu Kuo-Sung; renowned ink artist and calligrapher, Mr. Wang Dongling; artist, Mr. Zhu Jingyi; director of Hanart TZ Gallery, Mr. Johnson Chang; and director of Pékin Fine Arts, Ms. Meg Maggio. The series will enable ink lovers and collectors to communicate with each other and gain a better understanding of various subjects and approaches in appreciating and collecting ink works.

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