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FAQ Contemporary Art Auction – the source for online art auctions

Register securely with Contemporary Art Auction. It's free and allows you full access to buy, sell, create watch lists. We never share our personal info and always protect your privacy. For details please visit our privacy policy. We use SSL security encrytion for secure transactions. When you register, you now have access to list an item for an auction or to become a potential buyer, please click on the item you wish to bid on.

No Listing Fee - Seller Fee 10% or 15%

We welcome dealers, galleries, and private collectors to register securely and list with us. In case of Selling the Seller fee is only 10% if you had set a backlink to Contemporary Art Auction website (please inform us about this step thereby we can enlist you). Without a backlink the fee amount is fair 15% of the sale price.

The artwork has to be authentic and original, Sellers are forbidden from listing anything that is counterfeit or inauthentic on the site. After registered Login to your account and navigate to the Post New Auction Page. Follow the directions and provide ALL of the information and photos requested. The sale of your artwork depends on the accuracy and quality of your photos and description. Complete accurate listings with multiple photos (we offer 6 free Photos) will sell more quickly. Be realistic in your pricing. We'll approve your listing if you have provided all the information and photos to our satisfaction the auction will be activated. Please login to your account to check the status of your listing
You can easily renew the status to publish your artwork again for a limited time interval
To start you can sign up for your free account. You now have the access for bidding, there is No Buyer Fee and no commission if you are the winner of the artwork. Sales and Payments are made directly with the individual Sellers.
Each party (bidder and seller) is responsible for their own due diligence. Contemporary Art Auction absolved from any liability regarding salability, suitability and legality issues. Sellers are forbidden from listing anything that is counterfeit or inauthentic on the site. Contemporary Art Auction reserves the right to remove any listing at any time if questions are raised about its authenticity or if the description is in any way misleading.
The Seller is responsible for arranging the packing and shipping. The shipping costs are placed at the buyers disposal. The buyer is required to provide the shipping address.
How do I pay for my purchase? Payment details vary by the Seller. View the Payment Details link on any sale landing page for the specific auction you are interested in.
Use the watchlist to short-list items of interest to review later. From an item page click the "WATCHLIST" link to add the item to your list. Go to Contemporary Art Auction top navigation to see your watchlist.