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ART KAOHSIUNG started in 2013, dedicating in the development of art industry in the South of Taiwan, exploring new art market trend. In 2014, the 2nd ART KAOHSIUNG was even bigger. The number of international and national galleries had grown 50% extra, with 92 galleries in total. And the trading volume was twice of that of the first ART KAOHSIUNG. With the special designed Collector's Programme, we invited nearly 300 collectors from everywhere in Taiwan to participate, which contributes a significant amount of closed sales, with NTD 8,100,000 in total. The number of visitors had reached 11,000. ART KAOHSIUNG is actively connected with other art fairs in Asia, hoping to pour in more international resources, lifting the visibility of ART KAOHSIUNG globally.

In 2015, ART KAOHSIUNG is positioning itself as the platform for South East Asian and East Asian art, combining each unique features, eliminating boundaries, and to fully perform the diversity of distinctive art types. The 3rd edition of ART KAOHSIUNG embraces 104 finest galleries from Eurasian region, including Japanese top class galleries: Whitestone Gallery, CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY and B Gallery under the BEAMS Enterprise, also La Lanta Fine Art from Thailand, Keumsan Gallery from Korea and Artemis Art, G13 Gallery from Malaysia. In Taiwan we have Liang Gallery, William Art Salon from Taipei, The Black Forest Art Center from Kaohsiung and BABISONG from Pingtung. There are 500 artists participating, and attract estimate of the audience over 13,000. The total sales figures hit NTD 108 millions. The Special Exhibition of Malaysia Contemporary Art, Chairman of National Visual Arts Development Board Mahadzir Lokman are invited this year and he joins all the special events and the fair tour. Moreover, the foreign exhibitors (including Malaysia, Japan, Cologne Art Fair Chairman Dr. Wolters etc.)are invited to the dinner party for the international art culture exchange, and to promote the concepts of Art Kaohsiung. The Art Forum, we have specially invited senior artist, the Chairman of Federation of Asian Artists: Malaysia Committee, Dr. Choong Kam Kow to talk about the shifts and development of Malaysian contemporary art, as ART KAOHSIUNG's first step as the exchange platform.

The artists in exhibition of Malaysia Contemporary Art are the 1960 middle generation such as 許量嵌、鍾愛麗、蘇文強、Mastura RAHMAN、趙堅勝、Saiful RAZMAN、鄭元德、Fendi Zakri. They are not only popular in the art market, their art works are also collected by the national museums. The issues they have being presented are regional geography, asian immigrants, traditional culture, living beings, historical ruins, Feminism. All of issues reveals the real Malaysia Contemporary Art.

The Special Exhibition of Japanese Abstraction Painting

This year the artist communication between Japan and Malaysia is the focus of the forum, ART KAOHSIUNG is in curatorial cooperation with ART OSAKA, and will bring the next market trend of Japanese contemporary abstract painting. The Committee has invited Japanese most important art critic and scholar Yoshio KATOH and senior artist Hideki KIMURA to have a deep conversation at the fair. The exhibition bring Hideki Kimura and Tadaaki Kuwayama’s art. The former artist presents Misty Dutchand Charcoal. Misty, the exhibiting series feature the interweaving of rational moves and the overlapping of sentiments, which brings about the ambiguous atmosphere and provokes contradiction behind. His works could create a sense of unknown tension without advanced awareness of audience by the expression of misty, which moves slowly and unrestrictedly, carrying the sinister implication that could touch the deepest nature of beholders. Tadaaki Kuwayama not likes Hideki KIMURA, make the art with the experimental way to create the double and triple devisions. Thus, this special exhibition seems to be a major attractions very soon.

VIP Programme

This year, the important collectors are gathered in Kaohsiung together for the Art Fair. The 3 days trip of art journey. Several well known organizations participate such as Medical Association, Bar Association, Architects association, Association of Interior Design, Taiwan Japan Association for the Business Communication, Taiwan Rotary Club Association…etc. The fair has successfully attracted the local businesses and the new collectors in this event. Moreover, the party, stores sales, the cruise trip with the fabulous cuisines. They have raised the sales and end with a good total sales figures.

The highlight of best art works

Numbers of art works are standing out in this fair. Many gallerists send positive feedbacks. Whitestone, Japan shows KATSUYOSHI INOKUMA, Clear&Edition Gallery, Japan with the artist MADSAKI, Gallery Bergamo with artist 馮曉鳴, GALERIE OVO with the artist 禤善勤, La Lanta Fine Art, Thailand with artist Kenji Sugiyama and the photography by Visarute Angkatavanich. Futhermore, Liang Gallery have the Joint exhibition for 吳耿禎、周代焌、許常郁 and 王建文 solo exhobition. Chini Gallery with the sculptor 李光裕’s latest work. NUNU FINE ART presents German artist Peter Zimmermann. Gallery waraku brings UCHIDA EMI’s work. B Gallery with photographers Akira Matsumoto and Mitsuko Nagone. Hong Kong Admira gallery sold out Tomoya Tsukamoto’s work. Vin Gallery with artist Saeko Ando, Han Art Agency with Ukraine art, Gai Art Gallery with artist 王挺宇, G13 Gallery also sold out young artist Nik Mohd Shazmie’s work, Mu Mu Gallery with artist 郭竹仙’s paintings.

Overall, the platform between Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia is a good marketing strategy. The audiences are more familiar with two regions’ art. More quality galleries are also expand their names internationally. Many young artists bring the modern and dynamic works like the sunshine in Kaohsiung. The development has made the stable grow of the first market in Southern Taiwan.

Looking forward 2016

The good results of Art Kaohsiung has brought the hope in 2016. Many galleries have booked 2016 Art Kaohsiung already to show their supports and confidence. All the efforts are made together with local business and the Government of Kaohsiung culture affairs, also the most important partners Art Stage, Singapore, and Art Fair Germany. The cooperation is aim to have diverse and international aspects Fair in Southern Taiwan. It will surely have a new face in 2016.


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