Artists in the past have been known to touch on hot socio-political issues, but today an artist walking that route has to reconsider how far he can push the envelop before facing the courts of political correctness. Could this be one reason why political art seems rare today despite the ever growing issues from environment problems, economics, terrorism and immigration. The new painting "World Walls" by New York based emerging artist Adin Kachisi does not shy away from controversy. World Walls captures two hot political fronts, the US-Mexico border issues currently a point to contention in the U.S and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem largely representing the intersection between land, faith and ethnicity. Can art today remain a vital tool for dialogue or has art become mere symbols of statue for the wealthy.

About the Artwork: Painting : Mixed Media on Canvas including Acrylic paint, paper, plastic, pastel and gesso. Title - World Walls Size - 70 W x 60 H Inches Date - Feb 2019 Style - Contemporary art combining realistic images of people at walls, abstract style background and composition and Jean-michel-basquiat's Neoexpressionist -child art style.

Theme: Mixed media art and social commentary dealing with issues of walls, borders and the associated human dramas. It captures the US-Mexico border Wall socio-political issue and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as a intersection between conflict and unification. In the background is children-childplay reflection commonality and basic universal language of humanness beyond factionalism.

Artist: Adin Kachisi

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