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International art fair devoted to contemporary art and design from Africa
From November, 9 - 11 2018 / Le Carreau du Temple - Paris
Photography in the spotlight
Focus Roger Ballen

AKAA welcomes the south africain photographer Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen is without doubt one of the most significant, idiosyncratic and influential photographic artists on the contemporary scene. AKAA presents the project « Unleashed » : a collaboration between the artists Roger Ballen and Hans Lemmen.
An outsanding series : unsettling, even brutal, this is Roger Ballen as never seen before, revisiting the depths of the human psyche in a project together with Hans Lemmen.
« Unleashed » will be presented for the first time at an art fair in Europe at the booth of ARTCO Gallery (Aachen, Germany / Cap Town, South Africa).
The photographers exhibited at AKAA
The 3rd edition of AKAA gathers an array of photographers to discover:
ADUAYOM Djeneba (France) - Galerie Number 8
ANDRIALAVIDRAZAN Malala (Madagascar) - C-Gallery
BAURAS Steeve (Martinique) - YCOS Project
BECKWITH Carol (USA) in collaboration with FISHER Angela (Australia) - ArtFirst
BENOHOUD Hicham (Morocco) - Loft Art Gallery
BOTHA Lien (South Africa) - Barnard
CHOUMALI Joana (Ivory Coast) - Loft Art Gallery
COLE Willie (USA) - 50 Golborne
DE POULPIQUET Philippe (France) - Jean Denis Walter
DHLAMINI Mbali (South Africa) - Red Room
DIABATE Fatoumata (Mali) - 50 Golborne
DICKO Saidou (Burkina Faso) - ARTCO Gallery
DINGWALL Justin (South Africa) - ARTCO Gallery
DWIGHT Jakob (USA) - 50 Golborne
FORDE Ivan (Guyana) - Galerie Number 8
GALEMBO Phyllis (USA) - 50 Golborne
GALLIANI Francesca (Italy) - VisionQuest 4rosso
GILLIAN ABE Stacey (Uganda) - Afriart
GORDON Leah (UK) - 50 Golborne
GUDIN Laurent (France) - Galerie Jean Denis Walter
GUM Tony (South Africa) - C-Gallery
HARRIS Lyle Ashton (USA) - Maruani Mercier & Hadida
HENRY Nicolas (France) - Little Big Galerie
HOEFFGEN Thomas (Germany) - Galerie Jean Denis Walter
KOUYATÉ Adama (Mali) - Galerie Jean Brolly
LAHLOU Mehdi-Georges (France - Morocco) - GVCC
LEKI DAGO Ananias (Ivory Coast) - LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery
LO CALZO Nicola (Italy) - Galerie Dominique Fiat
PESKINE Alexis (France) - October Gallery
PILAR Susana (Cuba) - GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Les Moulins / Habana
RANCINAN Gérard (France) - Galerie Jean Denis Walter
SANG LEE Kyu (South Corea) - Eclectica Contemporary
STELLA & CLAUDEL (France) - Loft Art Gallery
TEMPE Antoine (France) - YCOS Project
THOMAS Hank Willis (USA) - Maruani Mercier & Hadida
UZOCHUKWU David (Austria) - Galerie Number 8
WELLI Malick (Senegal) - Galerie Atiss Dakar
WHITTON Alastair (UK - South Africa) - Barnard
WILLIAMS Graeme (South Africa) - Artfirst
WILLOCQ Patrick (France) - VisionQuest 4rosso
Alun Be (Senegal)

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